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Modernization Specialists

We provide technology development, software architecture and high quality business analytics and consulting for small business. We understand and utilize every aspect of Internet technology to help your business succeed and grow.

Put the power of Internet, News, Radio and Television under your fingertips to take your company to the next level.

Company Information

We are a small staffed company who take a very personal interest in our clients.

Company News

We have started working with WhereYouEat Media to tackle Staten Island consumer demand for information regarding restaraunts and food market.

Company Services

Network Infastructure, Media Advertising, Website and Web software development.


  • Google AdWords

    We can manage your entire Google Adwords campaign to drive more traffic to your website.

  • Referral Programs

    Design and operate your entire affiliate network from the ground up and let you reach every corner of the internet.

  • Social Networking

    Create, Maintain and Expand your social presence with ease while maintaining that personal touch and integrity.